FAQs Frequently asked questions


Can I try the dresses on?

Yes, you can now try dresses on at our Caroline Springs store by appointment only. Please contact us via email on info@hiredbydesign.com.au for more details and to arrange an appointment.

How long can I rent a dress for?

4 or 8 days period

If you require the dress for a longer period, please contact us via email on info@hiredbydesign.com.au.

E.g. If you require the dress for the weekend place the booking for Thursday-Sunday and the return date will be Monday.

Do I have to clean the dress?

No need to clean the garment, we have a professional dry cleaning specialist who care of these delicate garments.

How far can I book ahead?

You are welcome to book ahead as far as you like.

If I try on a dress in store can I hire it the same day?

Yes, of course as long as it isn’t booked by another client.

What if my dress doesn’t fit?

Size charts are available and a guide to assist you in picking the right size. If you need assistance please contact us on info@hiredbydesign.com.au to speak with our specialised team to guide you to your perfect fit.

If on the date of booking your garment is not the perfect fit you may contact us to find a replacement pending on availability 

*Please see terms and conditions for further details regarding 

What if I damage the dress?

We understand that accidents happen, and as such we provide free $50 insurance.

If you have damaged the garment don’t panic, please contact us immediately via email on info@hiredbydesign.com.au (attach pictures of the damaged items).

If the garment exceeds the cost of $50 for repair or a replacement is required, you will be charged for the additional cost of repair or if repairable the retail price of the garment as stated on our website terms and conditions.

How much does delivery cost?

We cover 50% of the shipping. There will be a flat rate of *$15 for your express return satchel added at check-out.


How do I return my dress?

A pre-paid satchel will be provided with your order. Just place your garment into the satchel then lodge it at your nearest post office. The post office will provide you with a reference number as proof of lodgement.

What if I return my dress late?

If you return your item late you will incur a fourty dollar ($40.00) late fee for every day you are late up to 200% of the retail value of the dress as indicated in our terms and conditions on the website. If you are unable to post your item back on your return date, please contact us at info@hiredbydesign.com.au.

Please keep in mind our clients rely on each other so it is critical return are prompt to avoid disappointment to all parties.

No one wants to be left without a dress on their occasion

What do I do if I have lost my return satchel?

If you have lost your prepaid return satchel you are responsible to purchase a new satchel and return garment on the return date. Contact us on info@hiredbydesign.com.au if this occurs as a new tracking number will need to be provided by you so we can follow the satchel.

What if my parcel does not arrive on time for my event?

Hired by Design use Express Australian Post to ensure our clients receive their garment on time. 

Rarely garments can be lost in transit, in this case the client will be notified and a full refund will be processed.  

Looking for a particular dress?

Contact us on info@hiredbydesign.com.au we will do out absolute best to source one for you.